10 Best WordPress Free Themes

Well, more often than not you’ll hear in the online business community that WordPress free themes aren’t good for business or that they are designed by amateurs. To some extent, this is very true and you have to be cautious on the theme your site is running on. Your theme should definitely have quality design and excellent support to help you out whenever trouble looms around.

Before we discuss the best theme for your site, you need to ensure you are hosted on the right platform as it gives you more control and freedom over your website. You can use our killer tactic on how to start your website from scratch.

Now after setting up your site with everything up and running, it is time to choose the best theme for your site. You can look at our expert recommendations on the best themes to get you going. Some of the free WordPress themes provide even more functionality than the premium themes you are requested to pay for. Free themes, however, are not only for people that just want to make an online journal out of their blogs but also for people building sustainable online businesses.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the best free WordPress themes to get you up and running.


Sydney - WordPress Free Themes

This theme is designed for corporate businesses and freelancers that want to maintain a strong presence on the internet. It ranges from beautiful pages to parallax effects. It is responsive on PC, Mac, and mobile phones. Along with it comes over 600 fonts thus modifying the typography and appearance of your site. It has an awesome navigation that allows people to easily maneuver on your site. Its interface is designed as a drag and drop interface. Its customization options are really expansive and you can easily choose different fonts, logos, and promotional banners.




Flash - WordPress Free Themes

Flash is a very responsive free WordPress theme that is used to customize and create really amazing websites. It offers customization possibilities and amazing designs for both commercial and journal like websites. The flash theme is compatible with WooComerce. It offers multiple stylish header styles and blog layouts and has a very responsive site support. The site design is basically a drag and drop system making everything very easy for you. You, therefore, can customize everything to your specifications.




Hestia - WordPress Free ThemesWhen assessing a free theme, you should look at the features expected from a premium theme that you cannot access from a free theme. The theme is very simple making it ideal for user interactions. The layout is responsive and amazing on a mobile phone. This all-round functionality makes it very easy to use on your WordPress site. Another feature I found really impressive with this theme is that it has translation tools embedded in it as most beginners don’t like working with code. You can install Hestia in one click and refer tons of visitors to your website. I can’t bring myself to recommend this theme enough.




Nisarg - WordPress Free ThemesThis is a simple WP theme with a very clean layout consisting of two navigation menus and a nice header image. It supports custom colors and backgrounds. The theme comes along with a myriad of formats for videos, audio, gallery and many other customizable features.







For a commercial business or company, this theme is very impressive considering it’s free. It has a nice header occupying the larger part of the screen. You can use this header either as a slider or static image giving a touch of versatility to your design. The Talon theme also provides buttons and charts for visualizing your data. A feature you’ll rarely find on any other theme.

This theme also has a meet the team area where you can display the images of the people working for you. The theme is very compatible when it comes to adjusting colors. It also has translation files making it easy to connect with people that do not speak your language. You definitely cannot go wrong with talon theme.



Hueman - WordPress Free ThemesThis theme has a very good reputation in the online business community and is readily available in the WordPress theme library. It is fully responsive. It works well for both blogs and magazines. It has headers and footers that make it very easy to place widgets. It has unlimited ranges of colors and widgets that make your website’s building experience very easy and enjoyable.

The Hueman theme has a localized support that is included within the theme for translating your website’s content to different languages and social links that make your customers know the platforms to use to interact with you on social platforms. This theme makes it easy for you to upload content and another threaded column that maximizes interactions between you and your customers.


Shop Isle

Shop Isle - WordPress Free ThemesThis theme is absolutely free but along with it comes premium features if you need more features on your theme. The theme I very responsive even to the smallest of mobile devices. This theme is compatible with WooCommerce thus giving you the tools for commercializing your online store. The theme also comes with it an integrated contact form and you don’t need to use a third party WordPress form for your theme. On the About Us page, the theme supports texts and images giving an amazing outlook on your brand. This theme’s design makes the appearance of your website great with awesome imagery.




Vantage - WordPress Free ThemesAre you in the tech business? Well, move over! A new brand has arrived. The vantage theme looks great on any business you can think of but most importantly in the tech business. It provides a responsive layout, custom backgrounds, and menus that give you the brilliant opportunity to showcase your brand. The theme blends in well with popular WordPress plugins and WooCommerce. With WooCommerce you can easily sell on your site with absolutely no problem.




Riba Lite

Riba Lite - WordPress Free ThemesIf you are a storyteller or a blogger, look no more. RibaLite allows you to tell a compelling story to your audience. The theme is responsive and also packed with translation files making your work easier. With this theme, you can also change your logo on various posts. It also has inbuilt social media share buttons making it easy to connect with your audience. This theme has the author box integrated into it hence no need for a third party feature for this.





Hiero - WordPress Free ThemesWell if your focus is grid-based this is your go-to theme. It’s easy to use and loads very easily on different platforms. It has different color options and fonts and has a favicon upload tool. The custom widgets are pretty cool for anything ranging from texts to embedded videos. Its response is really wonderful both on PC, Mac, and mobile phones environments.

Its parallax header is also amazing in catching the attention of your visitors making people stick around your site for a longer period of time.



Wrapping Up!

Well, that happens to be my list of the best free themes offered by WordPress. What theme do you use? What theme do you feel I should have included in the top 10 list? What theme would you warn me against? Feel free to engage me in the comments section.

Dennis Mbuthia

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Vita Buffa - January 22, 2018

Very informative. It looks good and is easy to read.

Lakisha - January 22, 2018

This is an informative article. I have used several themes, from eggnews which I really liked but, their support was no where to be found when I needed it. I used a theme called twenty seventeen and that was an awesome theme, as well.

Now, I am using Agama and it seems to be running slow on mobile phones. I do not know CSS code so, this could be a problem. I am so tried of having to switch themes. I just wish I could find the right one. I will look over the themes that you suggest and see how it works out for me. Is there a way to tell in advance if the theme will be responsive on mobile, PC, and Mac?

According to my Agama it was suppose to be responsive on all three but, it seems to know be that way. Thank you in advance for this timely article. Have an awesome day.

    Dennis Mbuthia - January 23, 2018

    Thanks for dropping by Lakisha. The best theme for your website would be Hueman or Hiero. Those themes are responsive on all environments. After installing the new theme, have a look at the performance here to gauge how well your new theme is performing.
    Have a great day too.

Scott - January 22, 2018

Great post! This is very informative and very timely. You’ve provided an easy to use look at a nice selection of themes. The video at the top was well chosen too! Good luck on getting the best theme going for you. I’m using Hiero on my site. I like the basic feel to it. Best wishes for continued success!

    Dennis Mbuthia - January 23, 2018

    Thank you Scott. I also love the basic feel of Hiero. It’s a light theme hence you won’t have to constantly chase after the site support.


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