7 Amazing Traffic Strategies You Must Know in 2018

In this short post, I am going to show you the best tested ways to blast your traffic this 2018.

As with most affiliate marketers, the problem is always traffic. You might have the best copy but your traffic is wack!

This is almost how the story is with everyone!

  • You build an amazing website
  • You find top notch affiliate programs to invest in
  • You are proud of yourself starting out life as an affiliate marketer
  • You write killer copy on your website but it doesn’t see the light of day
  • You are still stuck in the rat race confused on what to tell people you actually do for a living
  • You want to fire your boss but you are not making sustainable income online
  • You are frustrated, you want to quit
  • You beg your friends for referrals but none comes through
  • You resort to drinking to drown your sorrows
  • You quit your online business and resort for sticking to the rat race

Worry no more. With these brilliant traffic strategies, your traffic will skyrocket this 2018. As you already know, I don’t feed my readers with garb from what others have done but only my tried and tested techniques. Without further ado, let me show you the best traffic strategies to employ.

  1. Organic Traffic

The best unadulterated form of traffic is organic traffic. Millions of people type in search queries into Search Engines every day in search for answers. As a website owner, this is your primary task. Feeding people with relevant content on the web.

Why use organic traffic you ask?

This is a perfect opportunity to place your site in front of people looking for relevant answers from websites.

How do you use organic traffic?

First of all, determine the keywords that people are using in order to find content on the web. My number 1 recommended keyword tool is Jaaxy.

For quicker rankings, I use the low hanging fruit technique. This is whereby you target keywords with low competition and high traffic. After creating your content, ensure that you have thoroughly optimized your content for the search engines.

After doing all the SEO wizardry, let the search engines know about your site. You can do this using Google and Bing Webmaster tools.

It always works like magic. After that, Rinse and Repeat!

  1. PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing is what we refer to as paid per click marketing. This is a platform where you pay in order for you to appear in the top spots on Google for certain keywords. PPC is a great way to jumpstart your content with search engines and also one of the best ways to test your call to actions within your site.

To start on PPC marketing,

  • Sign up to Google AdWords or Bing Ads
  • Ensure your campaign works on a fixed budget
  • Ensure your ads are relevant to your audience
  • Track your results
  • Rinse and repeat


  1. Facebook Ads

Did you know that at the time of writing this post, Facebook has a whooping 2.1 billion active monthly users! And the number is always growing. This is quite a tsunami of traffic if you have the relevant content. With Facebook Ads, you can run many types of Ads. The good thing with Facebook Ads, you can target a specific audience pointing your content to exactly who you want to see it.

With Facebook Ads, you can build a social following very quickly.

Facebook Ads are very easy to use. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up with Facebook Ads manager
  • Fix your budget
  • Determine your audience
  • Create your advertisement copy
  • Watch your traffic overdosing on steroids
  • As usual, Repeat!’


  1. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the underrated traffic strategies. However, you have to do it very carefully. Guest Blogging is an awesome opportunity to put relevant content in front of a totally different reader audience. Guest blogging goes ahead to amplify your brand and solicit additional traffic for your site. It’s also a nice way for building backlinks and increase your SEO authority.

How do you start guest blogging you ask?

  • Go into old ole Google and type in “your niche” + “write for us”. You will find tons of people that want content from you.
  • If you are a WA member, go into Site Feedback or Site Comments and you can find tons of people that could do with some guest posts.
  • Look into relevant discussion boards.


  1. Discussion Boards and Forums

This is where you come across like minded individuals with the same interests as you. Here folks discuss topics circling around your niche. The beauty with discussion forums, you get to know so much that you had no idea about. You can learn so much about your niche that you were totally oblivious about.

You can also collaborate and ask experts in your niche questions.

As usual, to join discussion boards, go to Google and type in the search bar

“your niche” + “forum”

Join the forums, engage other people in the forums and build credibility. After building a following, the people will come to you.

  1. Quora and WikiAnswers

These are platforms for submitting answers to people in the community in search for answers. You can also ask questions and have other people answer you. This is an amazing bonus for relevant qualified traffic.

To start with Quora and Wiki, sign up with Quora and Wiki. After that, build up your profile. If you know answers to given questions, answer them. As usual, Rinse and Repeat.

  1. Social Media

Another way to get serious traffic is from social media. After creating serious social media followings, you can drive them to your content hence traffic for your site. Social media is a nice way to build authority and explode your brand.

Social media is pretty much self explanatory. First, sign up with various social media platforms. After that, create a following and engage with your followers. Link also to Quora Answers. As usual, repeat.

Bonus Ninja Strategy: Word of Mouth

Ha! Your tongue is an underrated tool too. This is a nice way to interact with people in the community. To start this strategy, you might need some business cards to distribute. You can also schedule and attend niche related events.

And that’s it. After this, watch your traffic hit the roof.




Dennis Mbuthia

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