Thrive Themes Review

Introducing the ultimate ​Thrive Themes Review 2018. Have you ever wondered how people create some super visually appealing content yet their last name ain’t Van Gogh? Just as the wise say that behind every successful man is a woman, behind every successful website, there’s a responsive theme.

My primary goal for making this review is for you to make an informed decision whether Thrive themes is for you or not.

Thrive Themes Review Summary

Product: Thrive Themes

Owner: Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy

Website: Thrivethemes.com

Pricing: $49, $67, $97. $147 and $228

Best for: Elite affiliate marketers and blog owners

Rating: 85/100

Verdict: Recommended

Thrive Themes Review

Support 8.5

Training 7

Quality 9

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There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes. If you’re on a tight budget, check out my recommended list on Free WordPress Themes.

However if you are solely focused on a conversion based website, you might want to check out Thrive Themes. Thrive themes have hyped themselves as the best conversion focused themes. How true is this? In this review, I’ll show you if Thrive Themes is good for your business. I am going to lay out the pros and cons of using Thrive Themes, how it compares to other premium theme providers and how it compares to other renowned products in the market. I hope you’ll love my review

PS: I am on Thrive Themes here at Revolution Hacks. The theme I run on is known as FocusBlog. After using Thrive Themes on my site for some time, I insightfully decided to write a thought provoking review on it to show others what they’re missing out.

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes came into the picture in 2013. It was developed by Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy. Like any other business, they had some serious challenges before they got on their feet. You can check out their story in the official Thrive Themes page.

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Review

Thrive themes is relatively new in the market and it made some serious buzz in the industry. I hate spending money on WordPress themes as most of them tend to under-deliver on quality. However, I felt at home when I purchased Thrive Themes. For most businesses, you have to purchase premium themes if you are serious about the responsiveness of your site. With premium themes, all you do is a one time purchase but the case is different with Thrive Themes. You can choose to buy the products one by one or pay an annual membership fee and get instant access to all the products.

Thrive Themes Products

So what exactly is included in the Thrive Membership package?

What separates Thrive Themes from the rest is the premium quality Themes and Plugins. With the annual membership, you have access to the following WordPress Themes.

Thrive Membership Themes

1.      Rise

This theme was built by the Thrive Themes founders in collaboration with the affiliate marketing veteran Zac Johnson. Rise has flexible color options, widgets, codes etc. Rise has flexible color schemes and you can switch your themes colors just by a click giving you a clear distinct look. The best way to stand out is to do things differently. The theme is responsive on both PC and mobile. Well if you are a blogger looking for a premium theme, you might want to check this out.

Rise Thrive Themes

2.      Perfomag

This theme is best for news and magazine sites. It gives the site a unique look… But there’s more to it than just the looks. Behind the good looks, is a powerful machinery built to increase user engagement. If you have a news website or any other website that you are monetizing with ads, Perfomag might just do the trick for you. Simple as that.

Perfomag Thrive Themes

3.      Storied

Storied is not Just another WordPress theme. It mainly focuses on media rich content such as images, photos and audio. If your blog is like BoredPanda i.e. it mainly focuses on images, this is definitely the theme for you.

Storied Thrive Themes

4.      Pressive

This is a marketing focused theme striking a balance between a flashy appearance and a generic one. If you want a fully featured marketing theme, this is the theme for you. Further features of this theme are automatic image optimization, floating social button, click to call buttons and much more. You can also include magazine specific features in this theme.

Pressive Thrive Themes

5.      Squared

Squared theme is a multi-purpose meant to be bold and eye catching without losing the business savor of your site. If you want to build a targeted site with highly converting landing pages, this is the theme for you.

Squared Thrive Themes

6.      Voice

This is the perfect theme for intertwining blogging and podcasting. It emphasizes on multiple authors and puts your content in the spotlight. Do you want your voice to be heard? If so, you might want to check this out.

Voice Thrive Themes

7.      Minus

Just as the name suggests, the first thing you’ll notice with this theme is a minimal design that centers your content and focuses on white space. It gives your visitors the feel at home look. Just as they say, “Less is more… when implemented correctly.”

Minus Thrive Themes

8.      Focus Blog

FocusBlog is my favorite. This theme strikes a balance between multimedia and blogging sites. It makes your blog beautiful striking a balance between the two worlds. You can use FocusBlog to make a marketing site, a corporate site or a multimedia site. The uncluttered readability makes everything fall in place. You can direct your readers to exactly where you want them to be. It also assists you get more clicks on important links.

FocusBlog Thrive Themes

9.      Ignition

This theme was built for those who want to build e-commerce sites. With ignition you’ll get a professional clean design and a responsive theme for your e-commerce site. The emphasis on this theme is mostly on product and sales pages.

Ignition Thrive Themes

10.  Luxe

This is for luxurious magazine sites. If you are in the fashion industry selling high ticket products, Luxe is your go to theme.

Luxe Thrive Themes

Below is the pricing for the individual themes.

Thrive Themes Pricing

Thrive Themes Membership Themes have the following common features:

  • Automatic Page Generator

With the automatic page generator, you have prebuilt page templates and this makes it really easy to launch a new site.

  • Theme Customizer

The visual theme customizers make it easy for you to set custom colors, backgrounds and fonts.

  • Admin Options

You have extensive admin options that make it easy for you to set preferences for your pages and posts. The style and behavior of your site is all at your fingertips.

  • Header Customizer

With this you can choose different layouts for your header, different background colors and patterns.

  • Theme Support

Oh how I used to hate it when my theme had issues and on contacting support they’d take days to answer my queries. With Thrive Themes, this is not the case. All your questions are answered promptly and they give you awesome hands-on help with your technical issues.

  • List Building

List building has never been easier. With all these themes, you can build targeted optin forms and connect them to your autoresponder. You’ll in turn generate leads on autopilot.

Well That’s not all yet. Hang on!!! Apart from all that, Thrive Themes membership also comes with the following plugins.

Thrive Membership Plugins

1.      Thrive Architect

I know you are one person that loves doing it yourself… But you don’t have the time and skills to meet your high quality standards. Your name isn’t Leonardo Da Vinci either. So how do you create awesome content? Thrive Architect does this for you by turning your ideas into very beautiful pages. Creating beautiful WordPress layouts has never been easier. Thrive Architect is very easy to use and it is a drag and drop builder that removes all the barriers standing in between you and your business.

Thrive Architect

Thrive architect has many pre-built templates. At the time of writing this article, Thrive Architect has 232 pre-built landing pages. This is simply the fastest way to build sales pages, webinars and optin pages. With Thrive Architect, you get to build your templates at the speed of thought. How cool is that! It all flows into the “click to edit” norm. With this content builder, there are no barriers between you and content building. There are some other page builders such as OptimizePress. However, OptimizePress 2.0 was a huge let down. It was too slow, I hope they have fixed this now.

This is notably my best Thrive Themes plugin. Once I installed it on my site, I got rid of tons of plugins as I had all I needed in one plugin.

2.      Thrive Ovation

Do you know the power of testimonials? In any business, people won’t buy from you if they don’t trust you. One of the easiest ways to get people to trust you is showing them that there are other real people that have used your products and they love them. Thrive Ovation makes it easy for you by managing all your testimonials in one plugin. After crafting your ideal sales pitch, you only have one last thing to do… throw in a testimonial. Most people have their testimonials scattered in worksheets somewhere making it all a mess. Thrive Ovation helps you organize them with tags.

3.      Thrive Leads

We all know how important list building is on any business. What if I told you it’s possible to generate leads on autopilot? Yes, that’s right. Building an email list has never been faster. If you are focused on conversion optimization, this is definitely the ultimate solution for you. This is the ultimate list building WordPress plugin. What I love about Thrive Leads is:

  • Split A/B testing
  • Reporting and insights
  • Advanced targeting
  • Design and Deploy Techniques

Check out this exclusive interview with Shane Melaugh of how he grew Thrive Leads into a conversion focused business and how it impacted many businesses online.

4.      Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive Landing Pages help you make some amazing landing pages on your site to funnel your visitors possibly to customers or email subscribers. However, this plugin was merged with Thrive Architect to form one plugin.

5.      Thrive Headline Optimizer

If you make an educated guess, this plugin does exactly what the name suggests. It optimizes headlines. Thought provoking headlines increase your Click Through Rates. This is the best way to get ahead of your competition in SERPs

For instance, check out the following headlines.

  • Thrive Themes Review
  • Thrive Themes Review - System Revealed!!!
  • Thrive Themes Review – The Shocking Truth. Customer’s Perspective.

Which would you probably click on? Be the judge. Guess what? I did that using Thrive Headline Optimizer. 

6.      Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive Clever Widgets go a long way to control what widgets are shown on your site and where they are shown. With Thrive Clever widgets, you are able to get rid of all that junk on your sidebar depending on the page your visitor lands on. Your site gets more attention and subsequently you get more conversions.

7.      Thrive Quiz Builder

As an internet marketer, you understand how important engagement on posts and pages is. On the surface, Thrive Quiz builder is an amazing builder. It helps you create some amazing and complex quizzes that grab the attention of your readers. However the power of the quiz builder is not on the surface but underneath the surface.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Under the surface, the quiz builder assists you increase your social shares, grows your email list and gives you more data to grow your business.

The bounce rate night mare would end there and then. With Thrive Quiz Builder, people gobble up your content, click through and engage.

8.      Thrive Ultimatum

Do you know just how much people fear missing out or arriving too late for the party? Well Thrive Ultimatum leverages this and skyrockets your conversions on steroids. Sales don’t solely depend on rankings but they are instead pegged on campaigns that generate sales. A renown internet expert Neil Patel said that, “If you create a strong sense of urgency on your webpage, you’ll successfully spur them to do what you want them to do on your site.” In this case, convert.

Thrive Ultimatum lets you run a highly optimized sales funnel with a time limited offer that’s unique to every visitor on your site. The count down always stays true. It doesn’t matter if your visitor clears cookies or uses different browsers.

Thrive Ultimatum

Apart from the fixed date campaigns, Thrive Ultimatum lets you run automatically recurring campaigns.

Thrive Ultimatum helps you create ongoing “evergreen” campaigns that give your business a huge boost.

Always inject truthful scarcity into your marketing funnels.

9.      Thrive Apprentice

You probably have some online courses up and running on your site. Be it video or PDF tutorials. Thrive Apprentice makes your work so much easier. You can easily create and manage awesome online courses on your WordPress site. The only downside I found with Thrive Apprentice is that it is not a membership plugin. i.e., you cannot lock your membership only content using Thrive Apprentice. If you want to lock your membership content and charge money for it, you can use other plugins such as Paid Memberships Pro, S2Member, MemberMouse etc

If you are just looking to create simple professional membership pages, without locking you content, Thrive Apprentice is for you. You can incorporate download links, resources, text and multimedia courses for different categories on your site.

10.  Thrive Comments

Ever wondered how sites like FaceBook and Reddit spark serious comments? Did you know this is also very possible on your site? Most blog owners overlook the power of comments yet this is a really valuable asset. With Thrive comments, the user experience for your visitor will change completely.

Quick question, you’re at a vending machine and saw someone put a quarter in the vending machine… the machine doesn’t give anything in return. Seeing this, would you do the same and put your quarter in the vending machine? Of course not.

When your visitors update their statuses of Facebook, they get likes. When they tweet, they get retweets. Your visitors are accustomed to get rewards and social validation. So when your visitor leaves you a comment on WordPress, they aren’t as motivated as the only thing they’ll get in return is a reply.

Thrive Comments has circumvented this and added the addictive features on social media comments to WordPress comments. With Thrive Comments, the community is more engaged and interactive by the use of:

  • Up votes. This gives visitors validation of upvotes and Featured Comments
  • “Like” button on comments. Visitors love this
  • Social Shares. Visitors comments also get shared on social thus more interaction

With Thrive Comments, sparking interaction and encouraging community contribution is really easy.

Below is the pricing for the individual plugins.


Pros of Thrive Themes

  • Good Value For Your Money

As I have broken it down for you above, you really get some super cool features from the Thrive Themes membership. If you take a single plugin such as Thrive Leads, its market equivalent is OptinMonster which is priced at $19/month which translates to $228/year… The equivalent of the entire Thrive Themes Membership. If you check out another third party plugin such as OptimizePress, you’ll need to pay $97 to get it yet you might just get the equivalent using Thrive Architect inclusive in the Thrive themes Membership. When you take into account all the features inclusive in the package, it is evident that no product surpasses Thrive Themes.

  • Top Notch Support

The support at Thrive themes is just amazing… What I hated about most of the premium WordPress themes is the lack of support. All you need is to shoot an email to support and they will respond shortly. If you want an even faster response, just log in to the Thrive Membership dashboard where they have a forum of more experienced members that will answer your questions shortly as it probably might be problems they have experienced in the past.

  • Responsive themes with impressive designs

If there’s something I credit the Thrive theme founders is the loading speed of their themes. However don’t go on a craze and install all their plugins. This will dramatically slow down your site. Just stick to the plugins you need.

  • Cool Plugins

Thrive themes offers you supreme plugin options that will save you a lot of money if you are an advanced affiliate marketer. When you try purchasing the individual plugins for your site, you will end up spending so much. With these products, your client base will skyrocket.

Cons of Thrive Themes

  • Not newbie friendly

If you are greener than Kermit in the Internet Marketing space, avoid Thrive Themes. This is because at beginner level, it is above your knowledge level. You will end up frustrated rather than making money. These themes are built for slightly more experienced affiliate marketers.

  • Thrive Architect

If you create your site using Thrive Architect, you’ll be locked there forever. This is because if you decide to opt out, it will be very hard to recreate your site as these content builders focus on short codes

  • Membership Autorenewals

Well truth be told, Thrive Themes offers amazing value for your money but autorenewals are expensive. If you don’t change your settings manually you’ll be billed annually for the membership. Once you have been billed, there’s no money back guarantee. No refunds whatsoever.

Thrive Themes Pricing

When it comes to purchasing Thrive Themes tools, you can purchase the tools as per your flexibility. You can purchase either individual themes, individual plugins or the entire membership. Depending on the number of sites you want to install your product on, you can choose your pricing plans.

The individual themes go for $49 for a single site license and $67 for 15 site license.

The individual plugins go for $67, $97 and $147.

What if I told you you could get all these premium features for just $19 a month! Crazy, huh! Well Thrive Themes membership costs $19 a month but it is billed annually so that boils down to $19*12= $228 a month

Who Should Use Thrive Themes

If you are a serious marketer with your foot rooted in the IM world, Thrive Themes is definitely for you. If you are willing to grow your email list or run split A/B tests on your site and you want to ditch all those plugins that promise you heaven yet they don’t deliver, you might want to check out Thrive Themes Products.

Who Should Not Use Thrive Themes

Ok, I know by now it’s clear as day that I’m a huge fan of Thrive Themes but I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

If you are just a casual internet guru that isn’t interested in the advanced marketing tactics such as list building and optimization, I would advise you to stay away from Thrive Themes.

If you also are a newbie and haven’t figured out how to walk around the Internet Marketing arena, Thrive Themes isn’t for you.

Thrive Themes Comparison

How does Thrive Themes compare to other products on the market?

Thrive Themes vs LeadPages

Coming Soon

Thrive Themes vs Clickfunnels

Coming Soon

Thrive Themes vs Divi

Coming Soon

Thrive Themes vs Genesis

Coming Soon

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My Final Take

I know there are thousands of WordPress themes out there both free and premium. However this large pool of choice makes most bloggers split for choice. If you are among this pool of people confused on what gorgeous theme to go with, I’d suggest you try out Thrive Themes.

Support 8.5

Training 7

Quality 9

Thrive Themes has all the inbuilt features to give you exactly what you need. However, I should warn you that how you optimize your conversions is a task you should handle on a marketing level. By this I don’t mean that they aren’t quality themes. No, that’s far from it. All I’m saying is that you will have to put in the work to optimize your conversions.

I also wouldn’t recommend Thrive Themes to newbies. It just doesn’t rub off the right way as they will have to learn a lot first before they get rolling.

If you aren’t satisfied with any of Thrive Themes products, they offer you a 30 day money back guarantee. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing Thrive Themes. I’ll gladly help you out make the best purchase as per your needs. If you have any questions or remarks, kindly give me a shout in the comments section. I’ll be glad to help. Thanks for taking your time to read my ​Thrive Themes Review 2018.

Until next time,

Dennis Mbuthia



Dennis Mbuthia

Hiya there, Thanks for dropping by and I hope you found this blog post insightful. My name is Dennis Mbuthia. I built Revolution Hacks to share tips on what works and what doesn’t. Many have fallen prey to scams on the web and you’ll find me here pointing out various scams on the web and also assisting other affiliate marketers on the best affiliate programs out there. Be sure to check out my recommended products. You can learn more about me on the About Dennis Page. Don’t forget to connect with me on the social icons below. With Grace and Gratitude, ~Dennis

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Heather - April 3, 2018

Hi Dennis,

It’s always good to see what a fellow Internet marketer thinks of a product you have used. I’ve built a few sites on Thrive themes and I like the platform – it’s easy to customize and I found it very user friendly – I have been building websites for 20+ years and the Thrive themes seemed to click when I used it.

I recently found a free page builder that works with free wordpress themes and I love it – it makes it so you can do a lot more with WordPress. Have you heard of Elementor?

    Dennis Mbuthia - April 4, 2018

    Hello Heather,
    Thanks a lot for checking out Thrive Themes. Yes, I have used elementor. What I loved most about Elementor is the Elementor canvas where I could tweak my site header, footer and sidebar from scratch on a blank canvas.
    What really puts Elementor in front of the competition is the price… Or lack thereof lol… Coz it’s FREE

Melissa - April 5, 2018

This is a great review! I like how you broke down each theme and described the benefits of each.

There are so many themes on the market it can really become confusing as to which one is going to be the best for your site.

This review was definitely helpful. I will be checking out Thrive Themes for my site!


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