Target Affiliate Program

Most people think that making money from your website is a myth. However, it is very doable. Think of it as getting paid to do what you love. However, what should be your target affiliate program to maximize your affiliate commissions?

Affiliate marketing needs time and dedication to get to where you want. In the present day, there are affiliate programs for literally anything on the internet regardless of the niche you are in.

I’m serious, any niche!!!

All you need is to cover your domain and hosting expenses, and from there you can earn as much affiliate commissions as you want. Note that the strategies I deploy range from easy to passive and require quite some work. Nothing comes easy.

Instead of joining independent affiliate programs, I’d recommend joining affiliate networks as with an affiliate network you are not restricted to the content you can advertise. Typically, the affiliate networks work by having the owner handle all the necessary logistics while they handle all the other logistics involved. The affiliate, in turn, sits back and enjoys commissions.

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It is important to note that not all affiliate programs are the same. Different affiliate programs operate differently. Let us have a look at the popular affiliate programs that will explode your monetary standings in 2018.

Without further ado, let’s check out the most popular affiliate programs out there.

Well, the Target Affiliate Program is not as lucrative as the other affiliate programs out there. I first came across them through Facebook ads where they advertised the killer offers they had so I had to check them out. Target has a large pool of offers for you to choose from and as an affiliate, you won’t run short of offers to promote in your niche.

Target Affiliate Program

One thing I loved about Target compared to Amazon, is the duration of the link cookies. The Cookies last up to 7 days. This gives you more time to run your campaign and consequentially converting your site visitor. The Target stores haven’t made such a big name for themselves but they are a trusted brand and this will help you solidify your brand if you are looking into promoting their products. Before partnering with Target, you might want to consider the following things.

  1. This affiliate program has less stock compared to the other affiliate programs out there. This is a disadvantage for you as an affiliate. Say for instance you drive a customer to a product on Target but they opt to buy another product there instead, they might not find what they are looking for and thus won’t hesitate to hop on to another affiliate network. This Will definitely not work in your favor.
  2. Different Commission Rates. The Target Affiliate Program has varying commission rates and you don’t know what to expect from them. For high ticket products such as clothes, you may end up cashing in some serious commissions. However for products such as electronics, their commissions happen to be way lower. Due to the different commission rates in different categories, this program may limit you so that you won’t fully exploit your expertise in your niche and probably in turn hurt your commissions. Compared to other affiliate programs out there, Target has lower conversion rates.

Check out this video about the truth behind being an affiliate

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ affiliate by Conversant (Formerly Commission Junction) is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world today. If you are in the affiliate marketing business, you have probably heard of it at one point or another. If you can’t find an affiliate program from the CJ database, it’s going to be really hard to find it elsewhere.

The platform is easy to segment and once approved on their affiliate network; it’s easy for you to run tons of affiliate offers on your site within hours.

Commission Junction enables an affiliate to promote the products of an advertiser through a wide variety of distribution channels. The channels are all trackable and toll free. Commission Junction employs a PayPerCall program that ensures all affiliates are paid for any leads they generate. They further monetize their campaigns by having both online and offline ad campaigns.

ShareASale Affiliate Program

With ShareASale, affiliates earn up to 10% commissions on the products promoted on their websites. It’s the overall best affiliate network today with over 4000 merchant programs available. Over 1000 of this merchants are only listed in ShareASale meaning these offers on ShareASale are exclusive to their affiliates.

With ShareASale, the site statistics are available as they publish considerably an amount of data such as Earnings per click, Sale amount, Average commission and reversal rates. Over the years, the company boasts of excellent ethics, customer service and ease of commission payments.

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Amazon Associates. By some measure, Amazon is probably the biggest affiliate network in the world with close to 2 million sellers and several hundred thousand affiliates. The platform is  easy to use, and one doesn’t need to be a techie to get up and running on Amazon Associates.

The only drawback that I find somewhat daunting with Amazon Associates is the low commission. The commission percentages vary from 4% to 15%. Most of the goods on Amazon are also just physical goods and consequently cannot generate recurrent monthly or annual revenue.

Amazon also has quite a longer payment cycle and affiliates may stay up to a month without access to their money.

Rakuten LinkShare Affiliate Program

LinkShare is probably one of the oldest players in the game but is smaller compared to other affiliate networks such as Commission Junction. CJ, for instance, has thrice the number of affiliates LinkShare has. However, LinkShare has quite some fantastic features limited to it. For instance, with LinkShare, you can automatically rotate through a banner ad which gives you a huge advantage instead of having to select the ads you want to run manually.

Another advantage with LinkShare is “deep linking” which gives you a competitive edge as it allows an affiliate to pick the page they send clicks to. It’s payment schedules are unpredictable as they payout when the commissions are cashed in from the merchants.

Shopify Affiliate Program

With Shopify, you can earn even up to $2,000 per sale, and it is known for some of the highest commissions on referrals. For every time a new customer signs up on Shopify with your link, may end up earning up to 200% commission when a customer subscribes. Once you are signed up for their affiliate program, you’ll get an affiliate link to share on your social media networks.

With the AdSense Affiliate Network, you can easily profit and make automated revenue requiring pretty much minimal maintenance. AdSense enables affiliates to increase their online conversions on a performance basis and monetize with ads. The problem with AdSense however, is that it’s harder to get approved on AdSense than it is by other affiliate networks. As a site owner or blogger, all you need to do is to choose where the ads will be placed, and you’ll get paid affiliate commissions per view or click.

This is one of the new players that can significantly boost your content into an e-commerce business is VigLink. VigLink goes a long way to identify the commercial products on your website and consequently turn the content into links that generate revenue. When purchases through that link on your website, you end up earning affiliate commissions.Viglink Affiliate Program

ebay Affiliate Program

eBay provides its affiliates with turnkey tools that consequently help them to drive traffic to various eBay listings from their blogs. You can also just share eBay finds on directly your blog or other social media platforms.

PeerFLy Affiliate Program

PeerFly is a Paid Per Action Network with thousands of merchants around the world. It has been listed as the fastest growing affiliate program. PeerFly guarantees top payouts with over 2,000 live offers.

MaxBounty - Target Affiliate Program

MaxBounty has an excellent reputation with its affiliates, and it has weekly payouts. It’s a very popular network among affiliate marketers and continues to receive numerous positive reviews over the years. It’s a cost per action affiliate program for the adverts placed on your site.

Which Affiliate Network Do You Focus on?

For any affiliate program, you shouldn’t pay anything to sign up. The best affiliate programs are the ones with high ticket products as you end up making higher commissions and that’s what super affiliates majorly focus on. Just as in business, the higher the risk, the higher the returns.

If you’ve been racking your brains on which affiliate marketing techniques to use to market your website or blog, try any of these ten programs if they fit your website’s niche. If you want to recommend any other affiliate programs or your experience with a particular program, don’t forget to leave your comments below. Thanks for reading about the Target affiliate program.



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It is true that we think affiliate marketing is hard yet it is easy, I earn like a scholar yet I never stepped in a university lecture room. This thing of making money made me to awake spiritually also.

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I like your review of affiliate networks. I love the platforms and you broke down its advantages very well. With any business it will take time to build and I am glad you mentioned that.

    Dennis Mbuthia - January 13, 2018

    Thanks Khalid. There are tons of different ways to earn affiliate commissions online. Once you attract traffic with good keyword research and other SEO tricks, affiliate commissions will stream into your bank account from different sources.

KIPKORIR TOROITICH - January 14, 2018

Incredible post Dennis. Top drawer information.

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Your article affirms what is fast becoming the most worthwhile and easy career choice… Online content creation. There is a lot of potential in this venture!!


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