Make Money Online in Kenya 2018

Hello there! I hope you are doing great. Are you tired of living hand-to-mouth and jumping from paycheck to paycheck? On this page I am going to share with you the best tips on how to make money online in Kenya 2018 as a college student. My two cents of advice, as a college student you have so much free time at your disposal so don’t waste your days away as only you can make or break your future. I’ll keep updating this post you on the new ways to make a killing online so you can as well as go ahead and bookmark this page and tell us your online experiences too.

So without further ado, let’s delve at some ways you can generate some extra income for yourself.

Top Ways to make money online in Kenya

  1. Freelancing

Freelancing - Make money online in Kenya

Having been in the freelancing industry for about 3 years now, I understand the dynamics of the industry. I made my first $1,000 in the freelancing industry and I can go ahead and give you my non biased recommendations as I am speaking from a point of experience. You are probably wondering which the verified sites are to work with online so have a look at some sites I have worked with.

  • Upwork: In my view, Upwork formerly known as Odesk is the most professional freelancing website. It employs freelancers with many skillsets and with the right input you can get a consistent flow of jobs from high end and professional clients. As a writer in Upwork you can earn anywhere between $1 for 100 words up to even $100 or more for 500 words.

With Upwork, payments always come in on time and your pay is guaranteed through the escrow system. There are fixed price jobs and hourly jobs on Upwork so make sure while applying for an Hourly job on Upwork, the client has a verified payment method. I still regularly use this site regularly and I’d recommend it for anyone.

  • Fiverr: Well with fiverr you can freelance about literally anything and if you market yourself well, you’ll be all smiles to the bank. However, to be honest with you, the concept behind fiverr always came at a cost. A very big one for that matter.

The clients were given free mandate to threaten, abuse and outright blackmail us (writers) any way they liked. I made a few dollars on Fiverr but sadly I had to part ways with them.

  • UvoCorp: UvoCorp is a professional content mill that offers an opportunity to make a full time income online. It has a friendly atmosphere offering the most competitive salaries in the industry. UvoCorp can make you more money than other freelancing sites but there are some downsides to it. The system imposes hefty fines and you can even get a fine deducted from your total pay without as much as an explanation. Regardless, UvoCorp is one of the bet freelancing sites.

Feel free to engage with me on the other online writing websites you have worked with online.

  1. Building your website

Website Building - Make money online in KenyaOf all the ways you can earn a sustainable income from home, building your website is the best way to make a sustainable passive income online. I enjoyed working as a freelancer but I still didn’t like the fact that I was working under someone else. I wanted to work whenever, wherever, however. With your website you can easily work with your home as your office.

With your website you can promote all manner of products and earn a commission from it.

There’s a common phrase that says “Content is King”. This is very true. Content is what makes the internet spin. By providing content on the web and signing up with affiliate networksyou can monetize your website and make a serious killing online. It’s a proven process that other people use in their ventures online. However, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’ll need to put the work needed to get rankings, build your brand and trust online.

A website is just like a piece of real estate online and it appreciates in value with time.

Unlike the common myth, building your website isn’t scary. It’s fun! Have a look at what you need to get your website rolling on the web.

Build your free website here!!!
  1. Online Surveys

Online Surveys - Make money online in KenyaAnother popular way of making money online is filling out surveys on your free time. Various research companies always deploy people to take surveys, test their products and give reviews.

The pay ranges up to $5 for some surveys. The pay can be in form of cash or rewards that you can redeem for certain products online on platforms like Amazon and eBay. Some online surveys you can try out are SwagBucksiPollToluna, PanelBasePinecone etc.



  1. Forex trading

Forex Trading - Make money online in KenyaThe traditional impossible world of investing in the stock market has been opened before us and in our present day an age you need not be a tycoon in the international market to pump in your dollars in the forex trading platforms. Trading was traditionally reserved for the fat cats in the industry but presently there are various marketing platforms such as You can open a free practice account and figure out how it takes you.

With forex trading, it’s very much okay to try out different markets to make the most of it out of your learning curve. You can read this guide on trading with eToro to get a hang of the industry.

Warning: Forex trading can be very volatile. You may end up losing your entire starting capital and your past performance with trading doesn’t guarantee success in future endeavors. Before you embark on this road, ensure you understand all the risks involved.

  1. YouTube video marketing

By now you’ve probably heard of success stories from video marketing on YouTube. Earning tons of money from YouTube is not realistic but you can earn quite some money on YouTube especially if you happen to have many subscribers to your network. When you create viral content and reach out to a vast majority of your target audience, you’ll end up making more money as people will watch your ads and thus more money for you. Again as I said, content is king. Make good content and maximize your interactions with your viewers as much as possible. You can check out this video for more insights as a beginner in YouTube video marketing

6. Developing mobile phone applications

Well this is a reserve for the technocrats. In our present age, almost everyone owns a smartphone. People use their mobile phones for all manner of fun stuff. That’s where an app developer comes in to develop apps for social media, games and other useful tools. The beauty of it is that you can still do it even if you are not a programmer. All you need is to come up with the idea and hire someone to conceptualize it. There are very many programmers for hire that you can employ from freelancing sites such as Upwork. Of course the pay varies with the complexity of the app. For maximum benefits, you should create your app to work on both android and iOS.

7. Review mobile phone apps and websites for cash

If you are reading this you are probably witty and nifty with your web browser and you can as well put those skills in action.There are various platforms on the web such as UserTesting that pay people for reviewing websites and it takes up to half an hour to thoroughly review a website.

  1. Writing and Publishing on Kindle

The Kindle publishing service is a unit run by Amazon. If there’s something students are good at its researching and writing. With Amazon, you can write and generate sustainable income. The kindle app is available on almost all devices I know of and with this advantage you can easily target the global market and make the most out of it. Anyone on Amazon is looking to spend and therefore with kindle eBook publishing you are likely to reap fantastic deals.

The secret on Kindle publishing is creating viral content affecting people’s everyday lives rather than fiction stories. Writing information that people yearn to read about and presenting it in a simple manner makes people want to spend a few dollars on your content.

  1. Buying and Selling Domains

Domain Sale - Make money online in KenyaA domain name refers to a website address like revolutionhacks.com. Domains cost as little as $12 on NameCheap and GoDaddy. However premium domain names tend to cost higher as someone might want their domain name to reflect their brand and you happen to own that domain. Premium domains authority websites can fetch you thousands of dollars. For instance the domain name vacationrentals.com was sold off in 2007 for a whole $35 mil. Can you believe that!!!

Coming across something like that ain’t easy but with a bit of searching, you’ll definitely get the right deal. The tool I use to find available domains is impossibility.org. Try it out and see how it works. You can find domains with commercial value, buy them and list them for sale on the web. An example of a site that you can list a domain for sale is sedo.com.

  1. Become a Tutor

Tutor - Make money online in KenyaHave you ever thought of selling your education? Nowadays becoming a tutor online is easier more than ever. Gone are the days when tutoring was limited to face-to-face lessons. The web has made it easier to provide tutoring online thus giving your services on a global scale. Sites such as Udemy allow you to create courses on literally anything under the sun.

Once a user takes your course up you might end up getting a lifetime commission for your course.


  1. Selling Stock Photos

If it happens that you are a creative person with your camera, you can try taking photos and uploading your photos on various stock sites for free. Sites that are great with stock photos include Pixabay, istockphoto and shutterstock. You can make even more money by selling photos that have high demand in the market but fewer search results.

12. Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin - Make money online in KenyaOver and over again I’ve been asked about how to make money with cryptocurrencies specifically Bitcoin as it is the most pronounced in the industry. This isn’t even remotely surprising with the increasing hype and success stories of guys making a fortune from the web. A bitcoin is a currency just like USD, GBP, Ksh etc. With bitcoins, you can either trade, buying and selling or mine (this is not for the faint-hearted) for bitcoins. However, don’t make a rush decision in investing in cryptocurrencies before you completely understand how the business works.

  1. Source out property online for investors

Without even going online, we all know just how much there is in properties. With the property prices skyrocketing to the roof, you might think that this particular market is a no go zone. However, quite on the contrary, there are lots of people making a decent income online by simply sourcing property for rich investors that simply don’t have the time to source the properties themselves.

As you have already figured, this is not a quick way to make money online but once you get the numbers of a few investors in your pocket, you’ll be in a very lucrative business in the long run.

  1. Non-risk matched betting

Well this will give you a quick paycheck but you can’t make a sustainable income from betting. Many university students have made lots of money from non-risk matched betting. This method works by taking advantage of the free bets offered on betting sites and in turn matching them. This enables you to squeeze as much profit as possible easily making a few quids.

PS: I don’t advocate for betting of any kind, it’s a lazy way of making income online.

Over to You

It is possible to make money online in Kenya. With these online business ideas, you should get yourself going and boost your monetary standings this 2018. Invest in your education, dedicate your time and work damn hard. It’s the only way to financial freedom. Focus on small wins and with time build a sustainable business.

A famous Chinese man once said

~”To know the road ahead ask those coming back.”

Feel free to engage me in the comments section and tell me of your ideas on making money online, what works for you and what doesn’t.

Your Friend,



Dennis Mbuthia

Hiya there, Thanks for dropping by and I hope you found this blog post insightful. My name is Dennis Mbuthia. I built Revolution Hacks to share tips on what works and what doesn’t. Many have fallen prey to scams on the web and you’ll find me here pointing out various scams on the web and also assisting other affiliate marketers on the best affiliate programs out there. Be sure to check out my recommended products. You can learn more about me on the About Dennis Page. Don’t forget to connect with me on the social icons below. With Grace and Gratitude, ~Dennis

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Alex - January 30, 2018

Nice! I enjoyed how thorough it was. Will definitely try Upwork to make some money on this side.


Fred - January 30, 2018

Great money making site, A lot of good info. here but I think the best one my be YouTube. Make a video that goes viral and you’ve got it, right. Of course building a website works, just takes longer. What do you think is the best?

    Dennis Mbuthia - January 31, 2018

    For a sustainable income, building a website is the best method. YouTube videos bring in some income but the pay can’t be compared to affiliate marketing.

Sunaina - February 1, 2018

Good post.
Keep sharing with us.


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