Free Website Building and Hosting

Free Website Building and Hosting

Getting Started - Free Website Building and Hosting

Unlike the common misconception, building your website is not scary but rather fun. You do not to be a tech wiz to get your website up and running. There are various free website building and hosting platforms all over the internet but today I will touch on just but a few.

Getting Started

Before settling on building your website, you need to decide what your website will be talking about. Your website name is like your brand name; for instance mentalismzone.com. This is a very powerful way to name your site as your site name sells what you particularly deal with. A website is a basic building block on the internet and you probably might have been tempted to set one up but don’t know how you’ll get it live. The basic website setup process is straightforward and the initial costs are minimal. Build your free website here.


After settling on your niche (Your target market), you can go ahead and build your website in under 30 minutes. I mean how cool is that! A website is virtually like a piece of real estate. Its value gradually increases with time.

Who benefits from owning a website?

Technology has taken serious strides over the years. Just think about it! Do you know how many people you connect with via your smartphone on a day to day basis? Facebook alone has made it easy for you to connect with hundreds if not thousands of people online. A website is important for entities such as:

  1. Universities
  2. Corporate Companies
  3. Affiliate Marketers
  4. Celebrities
  5. People with their brand able products etc. The list is endless.

Essentials of Building Your Website

All you need in order to set up a functional website is a domain name, great hosting and quality, I repeat quality content. You need to quench the thirst on your readers mind. You’ll need some knowledge or coding template to customize the appearance of your website but this is something we will learn later.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Website Builder

Buy your domain from companies such as GoDaddy or Namecheap and many more. There are hundreds of domain name ideas. You’ll probably get many domain names such as .org or .net but I suggest you stick with the .com domain for ranking purposes. You can register a domain for as little as $12. On purchase, you’ll need to provide personal information about yourself as the owner. If your domain name is not available you might need to purchase it from the owner but this tends to be very expensive. Unless it’s very critical to your marketing strategy, stick with a new domain.

Generally hosting means the place where your website stores information. For instance, your laptop saves your information on the hard drive. There are many hosting websites out there and you need quality hosting. Poor hosting causes your site to lag in search engines and this will cause you to lose a considerable amount of traffic. Check out the best hosting service.

Website builders function differently. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages with some being easier and others very challenging. The more powerful and sophisticated a website builder is, the more you get to learn, right? For instance, WordPress is a very strong website building tool. It can be programmed to do literally anything you want on your site. In order to be proficient with WordPress, you’ll have to invest some time to learn what works and what doesn’t. However you can get thorough training on WordPress on how to set up your website for free.

If you are starting out, do not hire a website designer. They will reap profits from your ignorance making the whole thing very expensive for you.

Why Build Your Website Here?

A Website is a powerful asset that can assist you make tons of money online. There are very many success stories on people that own websites. Some benefits of putting up a site here are:

  • It’s absolutely FREE to build. Building your website on this platform is absolutely free yet elsewhere you may be charged over $100 to get your site live
  • It makes your site mobile friendly. Let’s face it, 80% of people reading content on the web are using mobile phones. You need all kinds of visitors on your site and you have to make your site mobile friendly.
  • You won’t have to pay for hosting. Too good to be true, right? Not everyone can afford to pay for hosting. A great host greatly determines the loading speed of your website and you do not want to lose traffic because of a terrible host.
  • It’s your asset. Reaping your first paycheck from your website may take months but the general idea is that at long last your sweat will pay off.

And That’s it! You’ve managed to build your first website!

There’s a lot more to do to build a fully functional website with numerous pages. There’s a lot more to learn on the way on how to manage your content on the web. If you have any questions, give me a shout on the comment box below.

Dennis Mbuthia

Hiya there, Thanks for dropping by and I hope you found this blog post insightful. My name is Dennis Mbuthia. I built Revolution Hacks to share tips on what works and what doesn’t. Many have fallen prey to scams on the web and you’ll find me here pointing out various scams on the web and also assisting other affiliate marketers on the best affiliate programs out there. Be sure to check out my recommended products. You can learn more about me on the About Dennis Page. Don’t forget to connect with me on the social icons below. With Grace and Gratitude, ~Dennis

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Charlotte - December 1, 2017

This is awesome.
Great tips here and very easy to follow. I started building my website with Wealthy Affiliate and it’s been amazing. Is it cheaper to buy domain name from Godaddy compared to anywhere else?

    Dennoh Mbuthia - December 1, 2017

    Hello Charlotte,
    Thanks for dropping by. I have bought all my domains from Godaddy for as low as $12. However there are other great sites you can get even cheaper domains from such as Namecheap and Wix

Mary Ann - December 1, 2017

This is a great guide, it’s hard to imagine just how easy it can all be these days. Building a website used to be such a complicated technical feat. Now, it seems, it’s as easy as pie.

    Dennoh Mbuthia - December 1, 2017

    Exactly. It is no longer a nerd affair. Good luck on your path to success.

Jean - December 1, 2017

Great info. I started a site as a hobby little under a year ago. At first, it was a hobby but recently I actually started making money from the site and who can so no to extra cash?

    Dennoh Mbuthia - December 1, 2017

    An extra $1k a month goes a long way. :-D, more financial freedom \o/

Jasmere - December 1, 2017

It’s a really guide, I wish I had read this months ago when I was starting. You’d be surprised how many people want to start a website but have no idea how or even get stuck. I think you’re definitely doing the right thing by helping them because I know there’s other people out there who want help too.

    Dennis Mbuthia - December 6, 2017

    Hello Jasmere,
    Building a website is as easy as pie and I’d want to see others through in getting their sites up and running.


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