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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just what it sounds like. It entails enhancing all the factors that affect a website’s ranking to improve its position in the search engine result pages (SERPs). The better the SEO, the higher the website will rank on the search results’ list. This is more the reason why understanding SEO […]

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3 BlogPost Checklists in 2018

Are you struggling with Google Rankings? Check out this short blog post checklist to implement for 2018. Keyword Research Time and again, I have mumbled about keyword research. Without keyword research, you are basically doing nothing on your blog. What does keyword research entail? Topic Idea. In keyword research, first find your topic idea. You […]

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Free Website Building and Hosting

Free Website Building and Hosting Unlike the common misconception, building your website is not scary but rather fun. You do not to be a tech wiz to get your website up and running. There are various free website building and hosting platforms all over the internet but today I will touch on just but a few. […]

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10 Best WordPress Free Themes

Well, more often than not you’ll hear in the online business community that WordPress free themes aren’t good for business or that they are designed by amateurs. To some extent, this is very true and you have to be cautious on the theme your site is running on. Your theme should definitely have quality design […]

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How to Get Your Website Noticed

How to Get Your Website Noticed | – Smart Ways of Marking Your Online Presence First and foremost, congratulations on launching your business and registering an online presence. However, the problem is how to get your website noticed now that no one knows about it.   If you haven’t registered your presence already, you can build […]

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