3 BlogPost Checklists in 2018

Are you struggling with Google Rankings? Check out this short blog post checklist to implement for 2018.

  1. Keyword Research

Time and again, I have mumbled about keyword research. Without keyword research, you are basically doing nothing on your blog.

What does keyword research entail?

  • Topic Idea. In keyword research, first find your topic idea. You can use the alphabet soup technique to land the best topic ideas
  • Use a Keyword Research Tool (Jaaxy is the best keyword Research tool I know of). Try to target keywords with under 100 QSR and over 50 monthly search volume. Also do a bit of SERP research and other LSI Keywords


  1. Article Writing

This is the second most important bit. In article writing, target these following points:

  • Write an eye catching title e.g. (10 ways to explode your brand in 2018).
  • Place the post in the appropriate category. Don’t leave your posts as uncategorized.
  • Insert Featured Images in the posts
  • Add Meta Titles on your blog posts for SEO optimization
  • Add Meta Descriptions on your posts
  • Add the social meta images for use when your posts are shared on social.
  • Add H2 headings in your blogs and sprinkle LSI keywords in the H2 headings and the content at large.
  • Add Internal Links to your blog. With internal linking, you actually show Google how much of a resource your website is. Linking to your own content is a way to increase your trust with Google
  • External Links. You should also link to other authority websites externally. Link to high authority websites such as FaceBook etc. By doing so, it shows Google that your content is well researched and well referenced.
  • A picture speaks 1,000 words. Add relevant images in your posts to support your ideas and facts.
  • Add alt descriptions in your images. This is very often overlooked. Alt descriptions are very important as the notify search engines what your picture actually talks about. Ensure to have keywords in your alt tags at least once.
  • Embed a YouTube Video in your content. Remember, Google owns YouTube so by embedding a video, you are adding authority to your post.
  • If you are writing a review, don’t forget to write a call to action for your blog and finally hit publish.


  1. Marketing Your Blog Post

The last step is marketing your blog post. You need to alert people and search engines that your blog post is out there. My all time fool proof marketing strategies are:

  • Fetch as Google and Bing. Submit your article to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster tools. It’s like tapping Google and Bing on the shoulder and notifying them, “Hey guys, I have written a new article. Kindly have a look at it.”
  • Post it on social media esp. Most people forget to post their articles on Google + as it’s viewed as a dormant social platform. However, it is most important to post on Google+ as it’s owned by Google.
  • Email Marketing: Don’t just let your blogs sit there without marketing them. Engage your readers via email notifying them of new blogs.
  • Get Site Comments for your blog. Google views comments as engagement and activity. The comments are also viewed as content for your blog.

And that’s it. Watch your blogpost swim to the top on Google and other search networks.

Dennis Mbuthia

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