Amazon BootCamp V3.0 Review 2018: The Best Course to Build Your Amazon FBA Business

Welcome to the ultimate Amazon BootCamp Review 2018. You’ve probably heard of Amazon by now if you use the internet. Amazon is the biggest online store. The convenience of shopping using a phone to shop has made things so easy by dropping everything at your doorstep. In this Amazon Bootcamp V3.0 review, I’ll show you how to translate your amazing savvy shopping skills into a full time income money generating business.

Well, let me give it to you plain, rough and uncut. Building an Amazon Business is frustrating and confusing. Most people bump into closed doors one after the other. If you’ve already started you must’ve stalled with the sales making you want to give up.

My advice, DON’T QUIT! Working from home is the best venture you’ll ever partake on. You can build a full time income business with Amazon and let them do all the fulfillment for you.

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Amazon BootCamp Overview

Owners: Jessica Larrew and Cliff Larrew

Product: Amazon Bootcamp V3.0

Website URL:

Selling Strategy: Amazon FBA

Pricing: $347 one time or $99, 4 times

Revolution Hacks Verdict: Legit

Revolution Hacks Score: 89/100

Without further ado, let’s delve into the Amazon Bootcamp Review

Amazon Bootcamp Review

Update: Amazon Bootcamp was updated to Amazon Bootcamp V3.0. This shows that Jessica actually cares for her students. The training and videos were updated to ensure the course is at per with all the marketing techniques and have integrated all knowledge they have gained over the years.

Before I ventured into the internet marketing arena, I wanted to know how to sell on Amazon but I had no idea how I was going to do it.

I knew that I could take advantage of the name Amazon has built for itself to sell their products and make a killing out of it. You know Amazon promotes, packages, stores and delivers the products for you making your life as an affiliate so much easier. You’ll literally earn on autopilot.

What is the selling family?

As the name suggests, the Selling Family is a family of three; Cliff, Jessica and their son Aiden. This family has been in business since 2012 and after 5 years they now comfortably earn a full time income business from home. This family decided to call it quits on the 9 to 5 rat race and build their business that has scaled to 6 figures by working for only 20 hours in a week.

The Selling family website offers step by step training and in turn cover every aspect that you need to know about the Amazon FBA business.

The Selling Family - Amazon Bootcamp Review

The selling family has some amazing courses on the site but the one that particularly caught my eye is the Amazon Boot Camp V3.0. This is the most comprehensive training that will aid you build a full time income business on Amazon. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but you’ll definitely scale up your business to its full potential.

What’s included in the Amazon BootCamp Training Course?

  • Lifetime Access to the Amazon BTC Course

Due to working a long time in the industry, the modules lay down the pain points people experience in the Amazon business. Once you buy the course, you’ll have lifetime access regardless of the number of versions they’ll release. The Bootcamp course is currently in its 3rd version.

  • Frequently updated videos that work for you from anywhere

The internet marketing world is dynamic with everything on the go. These videos play on literally any device. The videos also have closed captions meaning you can read if you can’t play your audio.

  • Custom Printables and checklists to keep you right on track

My best strategy in working is organized hardwork. As long as you keep your projects organized, you’ll see a notable change in your business. In the course you’ll find awesome printables and easy check-off steps.

Value: $100

  • Premium Membership in the Seller Community

The Amazon BootCamp has a private FB community with supportive FBA sellers willing to give you support along the way. You’ll get quick answers to your questions. There’s rarely a question that goes unanswered and the mentors always visit the group daily to check on progress.

  • Access to Amazing Bonuses (Listed later in the article)


Steps Covered in the Amazon BootCamp Training Modules

Training Module - Amazon Bootcamp Review


What I Loved About Amazon Bootcamp

  • Step by Step Training

The training is top notch with high quality videos and presentations. Some of the presentations are in Powerpoint slides with cool text, images and voice overs done by Jesicca. She also does a fun type of training I’d love to call over the shoulder training where she takes you through the process of picking the products on Amazon, filling out the forms and other key points you need to know about the Amazon site.

I don’t like forums where I don’t have one on one contact with the owners. This is because starting an online business like any other business is not a smooth paved road to success. With a support group, it’s easier getting help as there’s a high probability of finding help as someone else might have had the same exact problem you’re having. The Facebook group is really active and they discuss about various topics such as tips on packaging, pricing, refund policies and so much more.

  • Clear video courses
  • Easy to follow training. As I mentioned earlier, the training is step by step and easy to follow. It even teaches on some of the finer aspects of selling on Amazon such as Bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Money back guarantee. Who doesn’t love this? Amazon Bootcamp has a 60 day money back guarantee. This is so generous and upfront honesty compared to other products out there.

What Could Be Improved on Amazon Bootcamp

  • Support during training

This is one of the things I didn’t really like about the Amazon Bootcamp. Yes they have an amazing support group on Facebook but one of the quickest ways I learn is by asking questions on the actual training modules. In the training videos on the Amazon Bootcamp, there’s no way to ask questions and if you have a problem you’ll have to ask it in the support forum or facebook group. I think it would be really convenient if we could have everything under one roof. Another thing I didn’t like about the forum is that it’s plain dead. The Facebook group is more active than the forum.

Who is it for

  • Newbies in IM (internet marketing)
  • Veteran internet marketers looking to scale up their income
  • People looking to generate long term passive income
  • People looking to make money with the fulfillment by Amazon


Who is it not for

Lazy Cat - Amazon Bootcamp Review

  • It's definitely not for the lazy
  • Not for someone that wants to get rich today.

How much money do you need before getting started Selling on Amazon?

In her course, Jesicca points out that you need anywhere between $500-$1000 to get started selling n Amazon 

How does it benefit you?

You can definitely benefit from the Amazon Bootcamp whether you work full time all part time. All you need is organized hard work and consistency. When you work smart and just follow the training you’ll see wonders.

Your main task here will be finding items with an amazing discount so that you can reap the best benefits from them. The best recommended strategy from the training is buying clearance items and then reselling the at a retail price.

Extras about Amazon BootCamp Membership

The Amazon Bootcamp Membership has some really amazing bonuses hard to find elsewhere.

Bonus 1

Members Only RevSeller Discount Coupon Code

This coupon code is available for new users only for the first year of use. RevSeller is one of the tools renowned Amazon FBA sellers use and when you sign up for the Amazon BootCamp Course you’ll get a special coupon code that will give you a discount on your first year. RevSeller does on page calculations for the profit margins of products for you.

Price: $20

Bonus 2

Sourcing example (Cleer Platinum)

The Cleer Platinum Product makes it easy for you to find products that can be resold on Amazon. Jordan from Cleer Platinum has a video that shows exactly how to go about it.

Value: $100

Bonus 3

Sales Free Guide

Debra Conrad from Thrifting for profit guides members how you can use your tax exempt certificate to save over 10% from your purchase price. All this Debra teaches for free.

Value: $25

Bonus 4

Accounting 101

Most people don’t want to talk about money, how it impacts their businesses. Amazon FBA teaches you how to keep your paperwork in order for the tax man. They even teach about the commonly missed deductions for the business owners.

Value: $100

Bonus 5

Free Labels for your shipping boxes

This video shows how to get free labels for your shipments and how to order labels that will be at your doorstep the very next morning.

Value: $55

…wait, there’s more! If you buy from Revolution Hacks, you’ll get these subscriber bonuses.

My Bonuses

Bonus 1

Keyword Research Training. Ninja Strategy 101

Bonus 2

Steps on creating the best product review pages

Bonus 3

Uncovering keywords and products for private labels

Bonus 4

Tax Tips and planning webinar (Bottom-line Accounting)

Bonus 5

All you need to know about long term storage Fees.

Bonus 6

Ultimate Traffic Frenzy

Buy Amazon BootCamp V3.0 here


Here’s is the quick recap of what you’ll get when you make your purchase.

The full course goes for $347. You can make a single payment or partial payments of $99. For the videos only training, you can get the training module for $197.

Pricing - Pricing - Amazon Bootcamp Review

  • The Amazon Bootcamp Training Course
  • Lifetime Access to the courses- $500
  • High quality training
  • Checklists and Printables to keep you on track - $200
  • Instant access to the seller community - $1000
  • Money back guarantee

You’ll also get all the amazing bonuses listed in this article.

When you secure your Amazon Bootcamp training, you can save up to $2000

How Long Before I see results?

This is the most commonly asked question. The answer is relative. It totally depends on YOU. As usual, I am not a fan of get rich quick schemes. It will take some time before you start making money. I’d say give yourself about 3 months before you start seeing results. Jesicca advices that you shouldn’t take money out of your business during this period. Instead what you should do instead is ship your products frequently and use the proceeds earned to buy new stock.

If you have no other source of income and want a quick check, I’m afraid this program is not for you. Your best move would be finding another job. This business takes time and dedication to build.

Should You Buy the Course – Is it Worth it?

I know you’re probably thinking:

  • Everything is on the internet, Can’t I find all the answers I need online?

When I started internet marketing, this is pretty much what I had in mind. I mean everything is available on mother Google, right? I however, spent days sorting through information. I was so busy yet not productive. For me nothing can take the place of structured step by step training. After wasting so much time it’s when it dawned on me that I could pay and learn all I needed to at the snap of a finger.

  • How will I find what to buy?

To be honest, the course doesn’t teach you what to buy. Instead, it shows you how to find the profitable products in the market. More like “teaching a man to fish”.

The course is best suited for new sellers. You might want to have a look at the areas you need help with in the Amazon FBA course before signing up for the course.

Amazon FBA Bootcamp won’t make sales for you. You’ll need to put in the work yourself to make profits.

Alternatives for Amazon BootCamp V3.0

This is not the only course that teaches newbies how to earn with Amazon. You might also want to check out my No. 1 Recommended product. Wealthy Affiliate teaches newbies how to set up websites and sell physical and digital products and in turn make commissions. You can read the full Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

My Closing Thoughts

One of the recommended ways to make a full time income business using the Amazon FBA program is the Amazon Bootcamp program. I don’t have any reservations in recommending this product. The cost seems a little steep yes but to make money, spending money is inevitable. It is worth every cent.

From what I have seen, there are very many successful Amazon Bootcamp v3.0 alumni out there crushing it with the program.

Thanks for taking your time to read my Amazon Bootcamp V3.0 review.


Amazon Bootcamp

Amazon Bootcamp


9.5 /10


9.5 /10


8.8 /10


9.1 /10
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