10 Profitable Niches With Low Competition

If there’s something that scares every website owner while starting out is What’s my niche? In this post, I will talk about the most profitable niches with low competition. I struggled with this for about a week but it shouldn’t take you more than three days to settle on a niche.  I’ll also talk about the internet’s evergreen niches. As long as the Internet is there, these three major niches will always exist and make money.

What do successful Internet Experts say about Niche Marketing?

Before we go into the niche mystery, let’s have a look at the niches of some notable internet entrepreneurs.

Brian Dean from Backlinko deals with SEO hacks, Link Building Strategies, SEO copy writing and so much more. So Backlinko’s Niche is SEO.

Pat Flynn, the Abraham Lincoln of affiliate marketing focuses his podcasts and content on fears, problems and passions. You can check out his blog SmartPassiveIncome where he demystifies everything about affiliate marketing.

There are other professionals such as Christina Guan from Happy to Wander that solely focus on passion. Christina is a travel blogger and she makes quite a living from her blogging.

Codrut Turcanu also wrote an article on his website Niche Hacks where he broke down few things to consider when choosing a profitable niche.

However, the most frequently asked question…

What if my niche is not profitable?

There are some blogs out there with a huge following and a serious readership more that the sites intended to make money. All I can say is that,

Having a passion that’s not profitable is like having no passion at all.

Say your passion is just watching movies. How do you turn that to profit?… Ummmh… Blank!

You can have a movie review site or a personal blog which will be very hard to profit from. When your passion is not right, the way forward is to do research and find something that you’re comfortable researching and writing about.

Without further ado, let’s delve right in.

What’s a niche?

A Niche refers to the segment of population that’s your target audience. You can think of it as a market or as the people that your blog posts target. The internet roughly receives 3.75 Billion visitors in a single day. You however cannot sell to all these people. You only need to target a fraction of these people.

When choosing a niche, always ensure that’s it’s something you enjoy doing or else you’ll get stuck along the way. Sometimes passion isn’t profitable but whatever you are doing should be at least enjoyable. You don’t need to BE an EXPERT in your niche. With time, you’ll grow into an EXPERT. That’s where most people fail. People think that they need to be Van Gogh in their niches when building their sites.


Let’s take my case scenario for instance. I’m into Religion. I love some time alone with my maker. Other things I immensely enjoy are traveling, hiking, exercise, online internet marketing and everything that comes along with it. These are just the few things that fire up my passions. I could choose to go any way with either and be a successful entrepreneur for years to come.

Almost all the things coming up in your head right now can form a profitable sustainable niche for your business. This is because every day there are people searching for answers on various queries. There are people searching and buying products on the internet every single day. As a consumer for instance, I am involved with many niches. I buy mobile phones, accessories, things for my home etc. Since I buy all these things online, marketers target them and they end up making commissions every time I make a purchase.

Profitable Niches with low competition 2018

I made a short list of top 10 profitable niches. These niches are always Red Hot and you could consider going with them.

I you are confused, try checking out if any of these niches will work out for you. Get your stuff together immediately from the start. Check out this video on how to choose a niche.

How to choose a niche

Courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate.

You’d be surprised at what people search for in the internet.

1. Laserless Tattoo Removal Techniques.

Now that our generation has decided to sport tattoos more than any other generation that ever lived, they also look into ways of removing them if they ever needed them taken off. There’s a ClickBank product for laserless tattoo removal that sells quite well and that means the market here is quite high.

2. Legal Industry.

This is one of the most profitable industries in the world. Most of the car industries are trying and testing automated cars. Some debates in the legal industry are whether automated cars will reduce accidents out there. So this niche ends up making serious money. The problem with this niche is that it’s dominated by some serious entreprises that have invested a lot of money making it hard to outrank them in search engines.

3. Cars.

The above leads me to my third niche. People are buying cars on daily basis. Car shipping companies invest heavily in advertisements. As you can see below, the term “car” has close to 2 million searches per month globally on the internet.

Car Searches a Month

Whichever way you twist a phrase with the word car in it, it will always spark a buyer intent. Some things you can write about here are:

  • Best Car shipping companies
  • Cost for shipping a car to my country
  • Auto shipping a car and so much more


4. Baby Clothing and Parenting

This is one of the big niches that big brands haven’t focused on. Did you know that according to UNICEF, 353,000 kids are born daily. All these parents are looking into cute clothing for their kids and party ideas. If you are a parent this would be a killer niche for you.

5. Security

We all don’t want that burglar in our doorstep. You can promote this niche using the Amazon affiliate program as they have tons of products for you to promote as an affiliate.

6. Construction Equipment Rentals

Having worked in the construction industry, I have seen companies rent out equipment instead of buying their own equipment. Renting out such equipment is very lucrative. In Kenya for instance, the price for renting out a crane is about $100 per hour. The problem with this industry is that you need to have some serious cash floating around.

And now here comes the top 3 evergreen niches. Human beings are funny. All they want in life is to make money, love and be loved and live forever. So there you have it.

1. Relationships.

The term “how to get your ex back” alone gets over 5,500 monthly searches a moth. People also constantly search for how to save their marriages, how to get back up after divorce, how to attract a lady and so much more. This niche will never get saturated.

Profitable Niche with low competition

2. Health and Wellness.

According to Top Trends in foods, a staggering 6% of the US population are now vegans. This has gone up from 1% in 2014. Do you know why? They all want to keep fit and live longer. I looked into a keyword “Advanced Breast Cancer Symptoms”… Check out the results below.

Health and Wellness Niche

3. Money.

We’ll without money no business in the world would be running. According to the Bank for International Settlements, $5.3 trillion exchanges hands every day. Break that down and it amounts to $220 B per hour. This is real money exchanged by real people. People are constantly looking for ways to scale up their income and you could target this niche by showing people how to make more money whether actively or passively. Some actively searched terms include “I hate my job”, “what to do after retirement” and such. Just have a look at how popular the term “money” is on the web.

Profitable Niche

You can see quite a number of people are looking into this. There are many other topics in the health and wellness industry. Other keywords such as “how to live forever” also get quite a ton of traffic per month.

Some other profitable niches with low competition in 2018 you could look at in your free time are:

  • Body building
  • Dog training
  • Singing tips and instruments
  • Tips for care during pregnancy
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Sport tips
  • Self help and motivational tips
  • Travel

How do I make money in my niche?

The easiest way to make money in your niche is by promoting affiliate programs in your niche. You can do this by going to your search bar and typing in “Your Niche”+”Affiliate Program”. Say for instance you are promoting baby clothing, you can type in “Baby Clothing” + “Affiliate Program” and you’ll find tons of affiliate programs for you on the internet.


Setting up any business shouldn’t feel like a heavy job weighing down on your shoulders. It should be fun instead. Online money is real money and earning it is fun. It all starts with you choosing your niche.

The more your heart is into something and the more you enjoy doing it, the less it feels like a job. Your niche can boil day to anything but it primarily should be something you love doing, something you can talk about and something you yearn to learn about.

Here’s a breakdown of things to consider when choosing a niche

1. Whichever niche you choose, it can blossom to a full time income business

How do you get there you ask? Get yourself some training.

Check out where successful internet marketers get their training below.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

It’s very difficult trying to venture into online marketing without knowing exactly how you’ll do it.

One of the easiest proved methods of niche marketing are affiliate marketing. You need to know basic stuff such as how to attract traffic and SEO basics. Check out my handbook on SEO for beginners in case you missed it.

2. Your main responsibility in your niche is to communicate with your audience.

Can you write about your niche like an expert? Most affiliate marketers say they do it for passion but if you can’t write about your passion you’ll hit a dead end. No one will ever read your stuff. Bottom line, your niche should solve an already existing problem in the market.

3. How to find profitable keywords with low competition.

In case you missed my training on keyword research, you can have a look at it here. You can do your free keyword research for up to 30 keywords a month with this amazing keyword tool I use. Whatever niche you choose, target a high traffic niche with minimal competition.

4. The purpose of your content is to help people so note that your readers are actual real people. Try as much as possible to generate content that’s on demand. Content that people actually care about. Why should you do this you ask?

  • Awesome content builds trust with your readers
  • It gives your site more credibility in the search engines
  • It will make you have a bigger following on the web
  • Your sales will sky rocket

5. Don’t worry about your very first niche being perfect. Most probably it will not be your last.

6. As an affiliate you’re going to promote products within your niche

Bonus tip, some niches have very low cost products. Say you are an affiliate in a niche with products costing about $10. For such a product you’ll make minimal commissions. In such a niche, you’ll have to make very many sales in order to generate sustainable income. Note that in internet marketing, the same energy you’ll use to make a $10 sale is the same energy you’ll use to make a $1000 sale so… yeah! Choose wisely.

7. There is NO WRONG NICHE

8. There is no saturated niche


You can also change your niche down the road. It’s not written on stone that you need to get stuck on a particular niche forever. However don’t spend too much time figuring out your starting point.

Your website is where you connect consumers to products. Many website owners quit before they see results. Success is cumulative. Don’t be a quitter. If you missed it, check out my guide on free website building and hosting. You can make your free niche site here.


If you have any comments or questions related to your particular niche, feel free to drop me a line in the comments section and I’ll help you out.

Until next time,

Dennis Mbuthia

PS: The sky is the limit.

Dennis Mbuthia

Hiya there, Thanks for dropping by and I hope you found this blog post insightful. My name is Dennis Mbuthia. I built Revolution Hacks to share tips on what works and what doesn’t. Many have fallen prey to scams on the web and you’ll find me here pointing out various scams on the web and also assisting other affiliate marketers on the best affiliate programs out there. Be sure to check out my recommended products. You can learn more about me on the About Dennis Page. Don’t forget to connect with me on the social icons below. With Grace and Gratitude, ~Dennis

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Karen Noone - March 26, 2018

This is a really helpful article. I have tried to decide on what direction I want to go with my blog but keep coming up with a blank. So many ideas but deciding is difficult. I think i will give your Keyword Search a go to see if it can help me make my final decision.
I know I can make money online but deciding on that niche is causing me headaches.

    Dennis Mbuthia - March 26, 2018

    Hello Karen, starting out on a niche is always difficult. At the end of it all, ensure you’re giving value to people. You’ll definitely get there Karen. I can help you run by your ideas. Give me a shout if you need some help.

Alban - March 28, 2018

Interesting reading! I know the struggle of finding a good niche. I think the problem is that when people try to find a niche and actually write good content about it, they think “hmm I don’t think my niche is good enough” or thought like that. Many people want to create a online business very quickly as well, which is nonsense.
Anyways, I learned some things from your article so thanks for that! All the best

    Dennis Mbuthia - March 29, 2018

    Thanks for dropping by Alban. Glad to be of assistance.

Paul - April 3, 2018

Hi Dennis,
Really great article on Niche selection and written in a nice simple format that everyone can understand. You gave me some nice reminders and lots and lots of ideas for future articles. I like how you make a note that there ar e no wrong niches and that the sky is the limit. I think with any new venture that you have a passion for that if you never give up then you cannot fail
All the very best mate

    Dennis Mbuthia - April 3, 2018

    Hello Paul,

    I am glad you loved it. Hang around for more awesome content.

james - April 7, 2018

Hi Dennis,
Thanks for sharing you top 10 niches and giving a decent explanation of what a niche actually is. So many people fall down at this hurdle and go off track from the start. I didn’t realize how profitable the money niche is there so I might take a look into that one next!


    Dennis Mbuthia - April 8, 2018

    Hello James,

    The make money niche is the most profitable of all and at the same time most competitive so you have to know how to go about it to get success on the pie. All the best on your way up.

Sherry - April 9, 2018

Thanks for writing this article! I found it to be very helpful, not just on researching niches, but the sound advice and encouragement that you give is wonderful. I especially like how you broke them down into segments of (6) and then the (3) evergreen niches. I like the idea of being evergreen. Thanks!

    Dennis Mbuthia - April 10, 2018

    Hello Sherry,

    Thanks for dropping by. No niche will ever be saturated. From what I have experienced in the IM arena, with a the right strategy, you can crush it in any niche.


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