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A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned to make money when they are not working
~Robert Kiyosaki

Hello, I’m Dennis Mbuthia.

I am a 24 year old University Graduate with an Engineering Degree from a reputable Kenyan University. It took me 5 years in Uni to realize that traditional education is dead. Yes you heard me right! Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of education.

However, when things aren’t working, change the plan. Not the goal.

I had a big degree and I was stuck into the 9-5 system working for someone else! I employed all the skills taught in school but my salary was less than $500/month. This wasn’t the life I dreamed off while I spent sleepless nights in school. The only way to escape the middle class syndrome aka the rat race is to invest in financial education.

Fact: Traditional education teaches you to be an employee not an employer.

Fact: Traditional education drags you into a lot of financial debt. I can bet most people are still repaying their student loans.

It was while in college juggling ways of making a sustainable income online that I discovered affiliate marketing. Anyone with the right mindset can achieve notable success. My top recommendation for earning passive income is through Affiliate Marketing.

The fact that you are here shows that part of you wants to surpass the norm and dares to dream. In this site, I will show you proven strategies that work and how you can build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

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Why Affiliate Marketing?

  • Potentially build a full-time income business
  • You can work from anywhere in the world. It’s the best work from home venture
  • You are your own boss
  • You don’t get paid only 12 times in a year
  • No office, no cubicle, no being bossed around
  • Number one ticket to financial freedom
  • No prior skills required. Even a 5th grader can learn and earn from affiliate marketing.
  • Minimal startup costs

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